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cable and you have a decent USB transfer rate. Also the PC has 3 USB connectors so you have plenty of options when you want to add a USB3 device.Reply I recently had the chance to use a B350 M2 and let me tell you, this thing ROCKS! The performance on this is so near and yet so far superior to the H370 series. The audio and heat characteristics are amazing too. I was really impressed with it and I know I am not the only person. I got it for a good price from so not too bad.Reply Even if the M2 is slightly slower at a later date, it's still a good deal, and still more than competitive against the full price i7-4790K. All of the previous generations of Z170 have been superb products and the M2 should be in this category. I can't comment on if the CPU will be more or less powerful than the 980X, but I certainly expect it to be faster than the 3770K, and by a decent margin. It would be unfair for us to judge the M2 based on benchmarks.Reply Hopefully the M2 will be more powerful at some point. For now the i5-6600 and i7-6700 are probably the best options for those looking for a desktop system. Given the increased performance, the M2 could be a great platform for small form factor motherboards.Reply From what I'm hearing, Intel is going to be releasing some new CPUs for desktop as well that might be more powerful than the M2. I'm not sure if they'll make them available yet but if they do, they'll be good options in the form of desktop CPUs too.Reply I actually don't see how this is a big deal. Even if the i5-6600 is slightly slower by the time the M2 is out, it's still going to be far better than the i7-4790K, and most people won't be buying a CPU from Intel anyways. For now, it's a great CPU for those who are after a LGA1155 motherboard with a mid-range price.Reply I hope so too, but these new 3.5" form factor drives are remarkably low prices for fast 2.5" ones, and the 5400 rpm offering is the same price as the similar-specced 7200 rpm versions.Reply Seeing this, it is




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FULL X-Over 3 Pro With Serial reitbing

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