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Our Mission

IFG was created to provide the public with content and events that entertain and enlighten. We bring ideas, stories, talent, experiences and causes to people’s attention, so that they affect our cultural zeitgeist and can have an influence for good.


IFG pushes the formats and programing aimed at creating more compelling, engaging and valuable content. We produce original concepts and approaches and are willing to experiment with the understanding that some of what we make will not work. But in the process we will create a new standard that will reach a broader and more engaged audience.

Integrity & Responsibility: 

We do not take lightly the role we play in curating and selecting content. We know that people trust that if we present an idea, it is truthful and relevant. We also know that for each topic/person we select, there are countless others we must say “no” to, and these are not decisions we take lightly.  ​

Diversity of Ideas & Perspectives: 

We curate topics that entertain and enlighten society. This may lead to people sharing controversial or unpopular ideas, but only through healthy debate and awareness of perspectives can we have meaningful dialogue. If we only hear perspectives we agree with, there can be no progress or growth. We will not, however, give a platform to those hoping to incite hate or create a mockery of established facts (The earth is not flat, global climate change is real, the Holocaust happened, etc.). ​​


we strive to make our programming and content available to anyone regardless of social status or income level.​​


We seek to stand out with our content, formats, and approach. Rather than duplicating others, we look to create a new standard in the ways ideas reach the cultural zeitgeist.

Experimentation & Iteration: 

We attempt new formats and experiences, knowing that many will not be ideal, but with the understanding that they can’t be discovered and created without testing and failing along the way.

Who We Are

Jon Levy



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Jon Levy



is a behavioral scientist and author, best known for his work in the fields of influence, adventure and community building. Levy is affiliated with C-Lab and specializes in applying research to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement and product development. Levy also founded “The Influencers”, a secret dining experience and community, whose participants include more than 1,400 leaders across industry, ranging from Nobel laureates, Olympians, and celebrities, to executives, editors-in-chief and royalty. In 2016, Levy released his first book, The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure, which explores the science of living a fun, exciting and remarkable life.

Liam Alexander

Director of Operations

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Liam Alexander

Director of Operations

Is a Critically acclaimed internationally exhibited fine artist, and Creative Director with the intention of catalyzing social change through artistic expression. 

Liam has created community focussed independent creative projects such as:  IThou at the NYU Kimmel Galleries & The Exchange at Rush Arts. His work has been published in magazines like Nylon and Rolling Stone and he has executed film and creative projects for major brands like, The City of New York, Samsung, Volvo, and Renaissance Hotels. 

He serves as the Fine Art Chair of the American Society of Media Photographers, New York Chapter, is graduate of Parsons School of Design, and the Creative Director of The Influencers; a community of over 1000 high-impact influencers from across every industry.

Our Board


Moran Bar-Kochva

Moran Bar-Kochva is the Secretary of IFG and a member of its Board of Directors. Moran is a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor to transformative technology startups, who started his career as a leading writer on the Israeli “startup nation”. He is also the co-founder of The Contemporaries, a nonprofit whose engaging art activities, led it to become the largest society of contemporary art enthusiasts in the nation. Earlier in his career, Moran was a member of Ehud Barak's Prime Ministry campaign staff, and served in the Israeli Special Forces. Moran earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.



Camille Bidermann Roizen

As Executive Director of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Ms. Bidermann is responsible for the Academy's day-to-day operations, as well as executive production of the International Emmy Awards. Ms. Bidermann also serves as a principal at ShowBox Ventures, an advisory, consultancy and investment agency in the art, tech, and culture spaces. Her career has also included roles with CNN, Image Group Entertainment, Hearst Entertainment & Syndication and McKinsey & Company. 

Sabrina Profile 2.jpg

Sabrina Kay

Dr. Kay is an expert in education and she currently serves as the chancellor of Fremont College.  Dr. Kay holds two master degrees and two PhD’s and she has served on the Boards of Directors of 21 nonprofit organizations over the last 10 years, including Golden State ScholarShare Investment Board, The Getty House Foundation, Imagine America Foundation and USC Marshall School of Business. She started her career by founding The Art Institute, which owned and managed 53 schools across North America.

Travon Free

Mr. Free wrote for The Daily Show and was the youngest writer in the show’s history.  Mr. Free has won several awards for his writing, including several Emmys, and he went on to write for Any Given Wednesday, and Samantha Bee, while developing several high-profile projects independently.


Stacy London

Ms. London has written for prominent culture magazine and she was the host of TLC’s hit show, What Not To Wear, for 10 years.  Most recently she was a host on The View and red-carpet commentator and interviewer.  Ms. London has been on the forefront of culture, the arts, and fashion for more than two decades and she has unparalleled access to creatives, talent, and experts across the entertainment industry. 


Daniel Laikind

After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in Communications and Media Studies, Mr. Laikind went on to produce some of the most compelling documentary and unscripted content on television, earning him thirteen Emmy nominations and a reputation for being at the forefront of storytelling and content.  Mr. Laikind has served as the CEO of Stick Figure Productions and Original Media and he brings a deep understanding of producing live content that engages an audience and holds its attention.   


Robbie Myers

For the past 17 years, Ms. Myers is the editor-in-chief and Vice President of Brand Content for the US edition of Elle, a well-respected women’s magazine.  Ms. Myers took over as editor-in-chief of the magazine while she was still in her 30s and she has grown Elle into the international success that it is today.  Ms. Myers understands and has access to the most prominent women in our culture and she has a unique understanding of developing great written content and media. 


Tom DeSanto

Tom DeSanto is the founding writer/producer behind some of the biggest franchises in movie history (X-Men, Transformers). DeSanto's films have grossed more than $5 billion dollars worldwide, with a per film average of more than $700 million at the box office. Besides commercial films DeSanto has produced several social issue documentaries including Lost In America which deals with youth homelessness and  Kidnapped For Christ which puts a spotlight on abusive evangelical camps for children. 

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